2000-05 > Yellow on Thursdays

Yellow on Thursdays

February 2002

By Sara Graefe



“Every so often, a play comes along that speaks as much to adults as to the 13-to 18-year-old crowd. Yellow on Thursdays is such a play….” – Yukon News


A play about emerging sexuality and learning to be okay with who you are. Two teenage girls find their intimate friendship souring after a summer apart. Rebecca returns obsessed with boys and sex, while Katie’s discovering that she’s attracted to girls – maybe even to Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rebecca hooks up with Mike, the hot new guy at school who’s secretly afraid she’ll find out he’s still a virgin. The trio muddle through their angst, insecurities and fears, moving towards acceptance of each other, and themselves.

Yellow on Thursdays was produced by Gwaandak Theatre and Nakai Theatre. It opened at Wood Street School in Whitehorse and toured to Dawson City, Haines Junction and Inuvik, N.W.T.

©Dan Eyre


With Jamie-Lee Shebelski*, Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull*, Yvonne Wallace
Directed by Michael Clark
Set designer | David Skelton
Sound designer | Daniel Janke with Charles Hegsted
Costume designer | Leisa Gattie-Thurmer

*Member of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association