2015-20 > While Having Soup / Le Temps d’une Soupe

While Having Soup / Le Temps d’une Soupe

July 20th–22nd 2018

ATSA, When Art Takes Action and Gwaandak Theatre are coming together to offer you the relational installation While Having Soup / Le Temps d’une Soupe.

FREE and open to the public!

Location: the Wharf (Yukon River, at Front and Main Street)

Friday July 20 2018, 5-9pm
Saturday July 21 2018, 5-9pm
Sunday July 22 2018, 12-4pm

VIEW THE POETIC PORTRAITS FROM WHILE HAVING SOUP IN WHITEHORSE: http://atsa.qc.ca/diaporama/whitehorse2018/index.php

With the relational performance While Having Soup, the artists and their accomplices invite passersby of The Wharf to take part in spontaneous conversations, in pairs, about various current issues impacting life in Whitehorse. Each conversation lasts the time it takes participants to enjoy a bowl of soup concocted by Grandma Treesaw’s Bannock and Catering. A conversation menu is supplied in order to inspire discussions; the menu will have been prepared by the people of Whitehorse during a workshop that brings to the fore issues specific to Whitehorse, so that the public has relevant topics for conversation.

Two artists, mediator Koby Rogers Hall and photographer / computer artist / technician Manuel Bauman, will train a team of Gwaandak Theatre and Whitehorse residents to be part of this rather unusual adventure!

Each conversation ends with the taking of a portrait and the creation of a short caption to accompany it. Together, these will form poetic portraits that will be projected in the public space and published on the Web at www.atsa.qc.ca. Everyone will be able to find their portrait!

While Having Soup has travelled around the world and has already seen more then 3000 pairs of people engage in conversation, with as many poetic portraits. ATSA has set up its mini-stage for friendly debate in Montreal, Vancouver, Rennes (France), Graz (Austria), Hull (UK), Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso (both in Burkina Faso), Beirut (Lebanon), Marrakesh (Morocco)… and is now in motion for the Canada tour in Iqaluit, Val d’Or, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, as well as in Moncton and Glasgow. You can find all of the poetic portraits at http://www.atsa.qc.ca/diaporama/.

Video link (English subtitles) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M_u9l1NNNo

While Having Soup is a creation of Québec-based collective ATSA, When Art Takes Action, founded by artists and real-life couple Annie Roy and Pierre Allard. ATSA works primarily in the public space through interventional installations and participative events. ATSA is winner of the Jury Price from the Montreal Art Council 2018! Gwaandak Theatre is joining the project for the Whitehorse’s organization and representation. Gwaandak Theatre is the Yukon’s only Indigenous-centered theatre company, aiming to illuminate Indigenous and Northern stories.

This project is one of 200 exceptional projects supported by the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. Through this investment, the CCA supports the creation and dissemination of the arts across Canada and their role in the everyday lives of Canadians.

Coordinated by Gwaandak Theatre
with support from Léa Roy-Bernatchez

Soup: Grandma Treesaw Bannock and Catering

With thanks to staff at The Old Fire Hall