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Map of the Land, Map of the Stars


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Join us as we are breaking trail for a new piece!


Yukon’s rivers and trails and the people who travel them, from First Peoples to waves of newcomers: Gwaandak Theatre’s newest project gathers artists to explore and string together story-beads from our land.

Artistic team members include Genevieve Doyon, Patti Flather, and Andrameda Hunter of Whitehorse, Yvette Nolan of Saskatoon and Michelle Olson of Vancouver, with input from Paul Gowdie. Ensemble Participants include Chris Clarke, Doris John, Leonard Linklater, Aimee Dawn Robinson and Carolyn Simmons, and Amber Church is producer/stage manager.

JULY 20 7pm, Old Fire Hall

Info: 867 393-2676 or Facebook.


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