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Collaborating with Communities

October 6th–7th 2016
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Artists Collaborating with Communities is an ideal workshop for theatre artists working with communities unfamiliar with making theatre, led by award-winning theatre artist and educator Julie Salverson. Her workshops involve games to bring a spirit of pleasure, play, stories and discovery into the room. Salverson skillfully adds exercises specific to the topic, never losing the spirit of the game, keeping participants in the moment, connecting the body, mind, heart and senses. This workshop delves into specific skills in facilitation and devising, and offers practical strategies and exercises for diverse groups.

About the workshop

The workshop addresses: facilitation, the creation of material when working with diverse communities (and folks not familiar with making theatre), and the specifics of working with partners and building partnerships. It will include exploration of ‘trouble shooting’ with specific situations.

Many theatre artists are asked to work with communities who have no performance vocabulary. Often this is a mixed group of people. The sponsoring organization may be unfamiliar with the unknowns early in the process. Why don’t you have a script yet? What do you mean we need to book space and advertise before you have finished creating the show? Production needs? Central to this work is how we work with difficult and risky stories, even the presence of trauma, in the subject matter participants want to tackle.

We will look at generating stories, creating theatrical material from archives and local histories, and building connections across the wider community. How do we create as much comfort as possible and find an aesthetic that comes from the make-up and sensibilities of the group? How do we honour the project goals, the individuals and ourselves as artists? We will when possible explore all this in the specific contexts of the participants and their concerns.

When? & Where?

Thursday Oct. 6, 1-4pm

Friday October 7, 4-7 pm

Yukon Arts Centre Studio

Participants may register for either one or both workshop sessions.

For whom?

For theatre and other performing artists, educators and others interested in collaborative theatre creation. Ages 16 and up.

How much?

$30 for both sessions, $20 for one. Advance registration recommended as space is limited.

(Please contact us if this fee is a barrier to you.)

To register call us at 393-2676 or email us.

About Julie Salverson

Julie HeadshotTemplate WebsiteJulie Salverson has published extensively about creative arts and trauma, the artist and citizen as witness, atomic culture, ethics and the imagination. She is a teacher and workshop leader and has worked with many communities to create theatre. Julie has won numerous arts awards and is Associate Professor, Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University. She teaches resilience training to first responders and works with War Horse Foundation in Alberta. Her cartoon opera Shelter was performed in Edmonton and Toronto, 2012/2014, Edmonton Opera/Tapestry New Opera, Composer Juliet Palmer.

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