2000-05 > West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

November 2003

By Patti Flather



“Anyone who has felt trapped in a life they don’t want, or someone who has chosen their own Grail to strive for will identify with Christine.” – Yukon News


The rollercoaster tale of one woman’s quest to drive from the Yukon to the famed mall. A solo play about isolation, go nowhere jobs and been nowhere boyfriends…and about getting to the Polynesian Room at the Fantasyland Hotel in the middle of winter before you turn 30.

West Edmonton Mall had a workshop production at Sarasvati Production’s FemFest in Winnipeg. The play premiered at the Guild Hall in Whitehorse, produced by Gwaandak Theatre and Nakai Theatre. It toured Yukon and northern B.C. in April 2004 (Teslin, Watson Lake, Dawson City, Mayo and Atlin, B.C.) and was produced at Hysteria Festival in Toronto in November 2005.

©Christian Kuntz


With Moira Sauer
Directed by Michael Clark
Set designer | David Skelton
Sound designer | Kim Barlow
Lighting designer & Stage manager | Dean Eyre
Costume designer | Christine Genier