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March 2015

By Patti Flather



“A captivating new piece of Canadian theatre…Paradise is an exciting collaboration between two very different Canadian theatre artists – director Majdi Bou-Matar and Yukon playwright Patti Flather. Together they have created a physically and aurally impressive piece of storytelling about important issues, both perceived and not, that threaten our very existence – from the war on terror to the effects of mental illness and homelessness on our everyday lives, with the help of a talented group of actors and designers.” – Brenda Leadlay, Artistic Executive Director, Magnetic North Theatre Festival


“Paradise: what you get when you cross a skilled, veteran playwright with a vibrant, movement-based theatre company. Patti Flather and the MT Space have come together to produce a show that is as beautiful as it is unsettling, linking stories of peaches, snakes, dogs, limericks, and ordinary people under stress.” – Ric Knowles, Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Guelph


An unemployed logger, a young man accused of terrorism, a family doctor and his daughter, are all searching for their humanity inside the systems that cage us all. This play explores human rights, mental illness and addictions, and our own personal complicity in such urgent issues that surround us on daily basis. A poetic, complex and challenging work, Paradise is a beautiful marriage of the text and imagery of Patti Flather with the distinct physical style of MT Space.

Paradise premiered at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse, Yukon in  2015 and was showcased at IMPACT 15 in Kitchener, Ontario. Gwaandak Theatre/MT Space are booking tour dates from 2017-2018 on.

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We are looking forward to touring this play in Canada and internationally. The company is seeking presenters for this powerful play which resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Download the: Paradise Touring Package


With Aldrin Bundoc*, Nicholas Cumming, Pam Patel and Michael Peng**
Directed by Majdi Bou-Matar
Set & properties designer | David Skelton
Sound designer & composer | Jordy Walker
Lighting designer | Jenny Jimenez
Costume designer | Melaina Sheldon
Music | Gord Grdina – oud; Olivier de Colombel – saxophone; Darcy McCord – cello

*Member of ACTRA
**Member of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association