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Exploring Justice

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Gwaandak Theatre, in association with the Yukon Arts Centre and Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre, present a series of readings showcasing intelligent, challenging new plays in development by Yukon playwrights. These compassionate stories bring to life characters grappling with complex situations around crime, justice, war, decolonization, personal responsibility and complicity.

June 14-16, 3pm at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre.

June 14
Gwaandak Theatre_Leonard LinklaterAuthentic Indian Ceremony by Leonard Linklater
Directed by Yvette Nolan, with Cliff Cardinal
This play looks at society through the eyes of an Indigenous man who has suffered through the processes and instruments of colonization and escaped into a life of alcohol abuse. He draws on the few traditional teachings that spring to mind to try make sense of a world bent on self-destruction.

June 15
Gwaandak Theatre_Wren HookeyBystander by Wren Hookey
Directed by Patti Flather, with Brandon Wicke and Christine Genier
When an officer carrying a mysterious message comes to a citizen’s door requesting hospitality for the night, small talk turns dangerous as the intent and destination of the message becomes clear. Eventually both must decide what they can, and cannot live with as they struggle with their humanity and guilt in a society built on fear.

June 16
Gwaandak Theatre_Melaina SheldonChance by Melaina Sheldon
Directed by Yvette Nolan, with Christine Genier and Jani Lauzon
A young First Nations woman goes out for a night on the town, but things do not go as planned. For her, a safe ride home will not come and protection does not lie where it should.


Gwaandak Theatre_Kevin KennedyTurpentine by Kevin Kennedy
Directed by Patti Flather, with Leonard Linklater and Douglas Mayr
An alleyway encounter between a First Nations ex-con and his teacher from jail is both tense and unpredictable. Will Tor, a seemingly upright white citizen, agree to share a drink with his former client? A play that challenges our assumptions about people living on the margins, and those who are “respectable” in our society.

Stage Manager/Assistant Producer Léa Roy

Info at 393-2676 or info@gwaandaktheatre.ca

Gwaandak Theatre would like to acknowledge the support of:
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