February 14th – March 21st 2017

Yukon Voices

A mentored program for Indigenous and northern artists who are passionate about writing for performance.

April 5th–12th 2017

Creative Vocal

Harness the power of your voices and explore systems and strategies for group improvisation.

May 2017

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

Premiere in Whitehorse and Yukon Tour

Tuesday, June 20th 2017

Indigenous Summer Play Readings

Join us for the 7th year of these popular Readings showcasing plays by Aboriginal playwrights and featuring talented local actors, at the Old Fire Hall along the banks of the Yukon River.

July 5th–29th 2017

ENCORE! Indigenous Summer Play Readings

Join us during Adäka Cultural Festival for a encore reading and discover two short plays by Tlingit playwright Frank Henry Kaash Katasse!

November 14th–23rd 2016

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

Creation Intensive on Gwaandak Theatre’s collaborative work-in-progress.

Tales of the Trails

An evening of phenomenal storytelling, open mic performances, delicious appetizers, fun door prizes, a silent auction and a cash bar featuring local brews and mocktails!

Exploring Justice

Play readings of thought-provoking new Yukon plays delving into themes around justice, crime and punishment

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

Presented in association with Join us as we are breaking trail for a new piece!   Yukon’s rivers and trails and the people who travel them, from First Peoples to waves of newcomers: Gwaandak Theatre’s newest project gathers artists to explore and string together story-beads from our land. Artistic team members include Genevieve Doyon, Patti […]

Mayo Play Readings

Part of Northwestel's Behind The Curtain Series

– VENUE – JUNE 21 2pm, Na-Cho Nyak Dun Government House, Mayo Join us for this special reading during the festivities of the National Aboriginal Day in Mayo! Presented in association with As part of Excerpts of the play The Ministry of Grace by Tara Beagan Follow a First Nations healer who ends up in […]

March 2015


By Patti Flather

An unemployed logger, a young man accused of terrorism, a family doctor and his daughter, are all searching for their humanity inside the systems that cage us all.

February 2014

The Hours That Remain

By Keith Barker

Inspired by the pervasive reality of missing women in Canada, this play from Metis playwright Keith Barker explores the legacy of loss endured by families, friends and community.

October 2012


By Leonard Linklater

Whose justice prevails when cultures collide? Based on the true story of the Nantuck brothers.

May 2011

Café Daughter

By Kenneth T. Williams

Yvette Wong has a secret… she can’t tell anyone. She’s part Cree.

November 2009

The Soul Menders

By Patti Flather

An intelligent comedy about love-weary people and fractured families struggling to become whole at Christmastime.

April 2009

Tell Me More…

By the Ynklude Ensemble

Heart-aching blues and heavy metal, imaginary friends and unrequited love, all showcasing the talents of the Ynklude ensemble.

May 2008

Go Angel Girlfriends

By The Women of Ynklude

In a village watched by angels, voluptuous goddesses sing, laugh, dream, and celebrate. The women’s spirits and friendships give them strength despite barriers in their world. A celebration of resiliency and overcoming uncommon odds.

May 2007


By Mitch Miyagawa

Carnaval, where tragedy is beautiful, and sadness is celebrated.

March 2006

Where the River Meets the Sea

By Patti Flather

Jade and her mom Lu-Anne are finally home, back on the West Coast with a new high school, new store, new life.

November 2003

West Edmonton Mall

By Patti Flather

The rollercoaster tale of one woman’s quest to drive from the Yukon to the famed mall. A solo play about isolation, go nowhere jobs and been nowhere boyfriends…and about getting to the Polynesian Room at the Fantasyland Hotel in the middle of winter before you turn 30.

February 2002

Yellow on Thursdays

By Sara Graefe

A play about emerging sexuality and learning to be okay with who you are.

May 2000

Sixty Below

By Leonard Linklater and Patti Flather

It’s nearly winter solstice when Henry, a young Gwich’in man, gets out of jail, ready to straighten out his life.